Update your Cloudflare IPs for Fail2WP

Cloudflare has posted an updated list of IPv4 addresses. If you’re using Fail2WP and Cloudflare, you should update the Fail2WP configuration for Cloudflare IPv4 addresses to this list:

You can find all Cloudflare IPv4 and IPv6 addresses here: www.cloudflare.com/ips/

Fail2WP updated to 1.1.0

Fail2WP for WordPress

Fail2WP for WordPress 1.1.0 has been released with fixes, a lot of new features, and verified compatibility with WordPress 5.7.

You can get the updated version of Fail2WP for WordPress via the WordPress Plugin repository and GitHub.

Fail2WP is a security plugin for WordPress which also plays nicely with Fail2ban and Cloudflare 🙂

Read more about the Fail2WP plugin.

Cloudbridge Mattermost 1.1.0

Cloudbridge Mattermost 1.1.0 has been released and is available via the WordPress Plugin Repository and on GitHub.

Some of the changes include:

  • Moved notifications to a separate tab
  • Added notifications for password reset
  • Added notification for plugin activation
  • Added notification for plugin deactivation
  • Added notification for plugin uninstallation
  • Added notification for new/edited user
  • Added notification for deleted user
  • Added general notice emoji (bell)
  • Added setting to force notifications to be en_US locale (English)
  • Login/Login failure hooks are only hooked if webhook URL has been configured
  • Corrected locale display/handling of some strings
  • Updated donate link


NCweb 0.0.5, your Nextcloud Web Server

NCweb 0.0.5 has been released, yay 🙂

Simply copy the new index.php over your previous one. No changes to the configuration file is required. Please note that images can be served from .html and .md files 🙂


  • Application identifier [NCweb] to log entries
  • Honors Content-length from Nextcloud
  • Honors Last-modified from Nextcloud
  • Honors ETag from Nextcloud


  • Some minor code readability issues


NCweb, initial release

NCweb is a reasonably small (ish) PHP “application” that will allow you to expose a given folder of a Nextcloud instance and serve documents from it as if it would have been a regular website. The folder does not have to be shared in Nextcloud.

You can serve .html (HTML) or .md (Markdown) files. NCweb can be configured to render Markdown files to HTML.