Cloudbridge Mattermost

This WordPress plugin provides integration with Mattermost 5.30+ and the following functionality:

  • OAuth2 authentication, login to WordPress via Mattermost
  • OAuth2 authentication, register new WordPress users via Mattermost
  • Notifications for successful login
  • Notifications for failed login
  • Notifications for unknown user login attempt
  • Notifications for password reset
  • Notifications for plugin activation
  • Notifications for plugin deactivation
  • Notifications for plugin uninstallation
  • Notifications for new/edited user
  • Notifications for deleted user
  • The plugin can also make use of additional functionality such as posting to a specific channel/user, overriding bot names, and additionally mention specific users.

Other notes:

  • This plugin may work with earlier versions of WordPress
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.6+
  • Compatible with Mattermost 5, 6, and 7
  • Compatible with PHP 7.2, 7.4, and 8.1.20
  • This plugin optionally makes use of the mb_substr() PHP function
  • This plugin may create entries in your PHP error log (if active)
  • This plugin contains no Javascript
  • This plugin contains no tracking code and does not process or store any information about users

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