EasyMap for WordPress

Uncomplicated map functionality for WordPress.

The EasyMap for WordPress plugin will let you put Google Maps on your WordPress website with very little effort. The bottom line idea is “simple”. You can have one (1) map per content page, you can have up to 200 pins/markers on a given map. You may specify which pins/markers should appear on a given map. You cannot customize pin colors. You can, however, customize just about every display aspect of the output using CSS.

The EasyMap plugin requires a Google API key suitable for Google Maps and Google Geocoding. This is a requirement imposed by Google.

In its first release, the EasyMap plugin supports only Google Maps.

Basic functionality includes:

  • Up to 200 locations can be displayed
  • Choose to display all or some of the configured locations
  • Choose Google Maps details to be shown
  • Support for custom CSS
  • Export and Import locations and plugin configuration
  • Support for multiple location address formats

Other notes:

  • This plugin may work with earlier versions of WordPress
  • This plugin optionally makes use of mb_() PHP functions
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5+
  • Compatible with PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.4
  • This plugin may create entries in your PHP error log (if active)
  • This plugin contains no tracking code and does not store any information about users

EasyMap on wordpress.org:

Smoke tests for EasyMap: